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Tour the majestic Pillars of Hercules. It’s is a spectacular sight to behold. The pillars are made of limestone rock, gently whittled into distinctive columns by years of the sea’s caress. The pillars take their name from the Greek mythological pillars that flank the Strait of Gibraltar.

The hike to the pillars begins with a cool uphill walk along the Shirley Height’s Lookout Trail. With volcanic rock beneath their feet hikers are sheltered by cherry trees, cacti and other foliage one either side of the trail. The trees provide a welcome reprieve from the blazing tropical sun.

Pillars Of Hercules

Pillars of Hercules

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Approximately halfway up the Lookout Trail sojourners are rewarded for their efforts with the first hints of Galleon Beach’s pristine sparkling waters, and UNESCO World Heritage Site- Nelson’s Dockyard with its ancient buildings and yacht dotted harbour. The views only get better from here.

With the most grueling aspects of the hike behind, the journey takes a downhill trajectory leading to ruins reminiscent of British naval occupation. Original structures such as the Captains quarters, and an enchanting colonial burial ground are all within sight.

On this hike there is rest for the weary, treat yourself to breathtaking views of the roaring Atlantic Ocean stretching into the horizon and beating relentlessly along the shoreline.

As difficult as it may be to tear yourself away from the breathtaking views more adventure awaits. You just may spot a mermaid at the Mermaid Basin. The basin was formed by the gentle strength of flowing water, trickling its way through limestone rocks and forming shallow pools.  Schools of glistening fish are visible just beneath the water’s surface.

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The Pillars of Hercules are accessible by sea or land. The journey by sea may be smooth sailing but we guarantee you that the hike by land is the perfect challenge for those who live for adventure and thrive in the outdoors. Are you that someone?

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At this point in the hike it’s almost time for the grand attraction, but first your capable guide will assist you with scaling a steep rock formation. The trek continues on a slight incline. The entrance to the Pillars of Hercules can only be accessed by walking along the coastline. Your guide will time your crossing of the waters with the passing tide, or if you want to get your feet wet feel free to trudge through the ocean.

The grandiose columns thick and wide stand resolute against the onslaught of the ocean, guarding the entrance of English Harbour. The depths of the oceans at this site are a perfect spot for snorkeling. There have been sightings of stingrays, dolphins and many other species of exotic tropical fish.

Mount Obama

Mount Obama

Conquer or be conquered, but never let it be said that you failed to try. Put your skills to the test and dare to brave Antigua’s highest heights. Registering at 1,319 feet, Mount Obama, formerly known as Boggy Peak is the twin island nation’s highest elevation.

The Mount Obama hike by way of the Christian Valley trail approaches the mountain from its northern side. It begins with a ten minute walk along a rambling dirt road through the Christian Valley Agricultural Center.  The scent of seasonal fruit- be it mango, guava, pomegranate, sugar cane or breadfruit will titillate the senses as you make your way further into the trail.

A monument erected at the base of the mountain presents the perfect photo opportunity to preserve the memories of your trek and share them with your loved ones.

With just a few more steps the trail makes way to a narrow path densely populated with tropical green foliage. Making your way through, the atmosphere changes from quaint countryside stroll to forest safari. The change in climate is marked by the sharp intake of moist air as we approach rainforest terrain.  Giant bamboo clusters, and tress towering high above you will transport you to an older Antigua, where nature was untouched and the maroons sought refuge in the difficult to navigate hillside.


Pick the time of your hike wisely if you want to take a splash in Antigua’s only waterfall. It’s only visible during the rainy season, but don’t worry, it’s still a sight to behold should you choose to take the hike during the dry season. Passing streams and moss covered boulders stand testament to the waterfall’s splendor.

Exit the Christian Valley trail by making a right hand turn onto a concrete road. From here the journey is all incline leading to the summit.  The peak’s height makes it an ideal spot of telecommunication providers and radio stations, so you will see several antennas and other professional broadcast communication equipment.  Fear not! That won’t obstruct your view, after all, the higher the height the greater the view. Your guide will simply direct you to an area around the fenced enclosure for stunning views of the southern side of the island.


Are you ready to conquer Mount Obama and show it who is boss?  Give us less than three hours and we’ll gladly take you on the tour to our highest incline yet.

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